The Canon AF 35 ML is a luxury compact of the early 80's.

Canon AF 35 ML

Canon AF 35 ML Introduced in 1981, the Canon AF 35 ML is still up to date. The light meter is an accurate silicium cell. The autofocus is made by CCD, a rare feature at that time. It has a built-in GN 11 flash. The lens, a 40 mm f/1.9 in 5 elements, can take standard 48 mm filters.

Focusing and auto-exposure lock, DX code, automatic film advance, very fast lens, compact body, this camera still meets modern standards.



24 x 36 mm


40 mm f/1.9, 5 elements


central, acts as a diaphragm, 1/300 s to 1/2 s, self-timer

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